TSS Holding is pleased to announce that it has obtained a new and prestigious certification: Sedex Smeta. This significant achievement reaffirms the company’s ongoing commitment to achieving high standards in sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility.

Sedex Smeta, which stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is an international certification that promotes transparency and improvement in working conditions along the supply chains. It is issued by Sedex, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering ethical and sustainable business practices.

Possessing the Sedex Smeta certification is an important recognition for TSS Holding, demonstrating the company’s dedication to respecting workers’ rights, responsibly managing resources, and adopting ethical business practices. The certification requires a thorough assessment of company policies, production processes, and supplier management to ensure compliance with required social responsibility and sustainability standards.

This new accomplishment represents a significant step forward for TSS Holding, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry and assuring customers and business partners that the company adheres to responsible and sustainable practices. The Sedex Smeta certification will serve as a strong foundation to continue improving and growing ethically, creating a positive impact not only within the company but also on society as a whole.

TSS Holding would like to express its gratitude to everyone who contributed to this important milestone, including its employees, suppliers, and customers. The Sedex Smeta certification represents a long-term commitment to excellence and sustainability, and TSS Holding is excited to continue leading the industry towards greater social and environmental responsibility.